Black Pepper Beef Stir Fried

Ingredients:(Black Pepper Beef Stir Fried)

Sliced beef—-1 box
Onion,finely shirred —-1
Carrot,finely shirred—-1 big chunk
Garlic , finely minced—-2 gloves
Egg withe—-1
Corn powder—-1Tbsp
Soy Sauce—-2Tbsp
Sesame oil—-1Tbsp
Cooking wine—-1Tbsp
Black pepper—-1 Ts
Soy sauce paste(Thick Soy Sauce)—-1Tbsp
Salt to taste

Directions:(Black Pepper Beef Stir Fried)

1. Start by marinating the beef with garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar and cooking wine for 10 minutes. For Preparation.
2. Add corn flour and egg white to the beef and mix well. (remember this step should be the last one just before heating your sauce pan.)
3. In a large sauce pan heat the oil (about 2Tbsp) on high, add beef then quickly stir it until it’s medium well. For preparation.
4. By using the same sauce pan to cook onion. Add beef,Soy sauce paste and black pepper then stir well.

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